Who buys natural, organic and other healthy products? The answer goes well beyond the typical label-obsessed mom with young children, as New Hope Natural Media has learned through our new Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation study.

We conducted this survey of more than 5,000 U.S. consumers in July 2013 because we wanted to understand why consumers are buying (or are not buying) and, more important, share this information with the broader natural products industry to help suppliers, manufacturers and retailers know who to target and how with their healthy offerings.

Here we introduce the #Young4Ever consumer segment. This group, which skews younger and male, just may be a better target market for healthy products than the "uber moms" most traditional consumer segmentations often focus on for the natural and organic market. The infographic below outlines more about these shoppers and our video profile features three members of this trend-conscious group. 

Want to explore the other consumer segments? Check out these infographics and related videos: 

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New Hope's Market Innovation Consumer Segmentation: Young4EVer