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To meet the specific product interest of companies entering the healthy kids’ market at an entrepreneurial price point, Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) is offering prepackaged topic specific versions of its 2009 U.S. Healthy Kids’ Market Report: Breaking the Entry Barrier.

The 2009 Healthy Kids’ Market Report: Food & Beverage has been published for those specifically interested in the kids’ food and beverage market sector. This supplement specific report includes the complete NBJ overview of the healthy kids’ market for all of our classic nutrition industry product categories— natural foods and beverages, organic foods and beverages, functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements, and natural & organic personal care and household products. It then provides an in depth analysis of the kids’ versus the overall natural, organic, and functional food and beverage markets.

In addition to this food and beverage segment specific kids’ report, NBJ is also publishing two other segment specific market reports: Healthy Kids’ Market Report: Dietary Supplements and Healthy Kids’ Market Report: Natural & Organic Personal Care. If you are interested in multiple segments, the full Healthy Kids’ Report provides additional expert interviews and company analysis that is not available in any of the category-specific reports.

NBJ’s inaugural Healthy Kid’s Market Report: Food & Beverage is a must have for any company operating in, attempting to move into or simply evaluating this category with timely and actionable information and insights. NBJ views the approximately $10.1 billion healthy children’s market as one of the hottest product trends in 2009 and believe that there are still plenty of opportunities for new innovative products to be introduced to the market. Like retail, the direct-to-consumer sales channels in the U.S. nutrition industry are feeling the pinch of the global economic downturn and face a rapidly changing business and regulatory landscape.


The report provides a detailed review of market size, growth and sales estimates for the healthy kids’ market.

This report is custom tailored to focus on the healthy, better-for-you kids’ category as well as the specific healthy kids’ segment data that any company entering or growing in the kids’ market needs for strategic development and this is what sets this report apart from the other kids’ product reports on the market.” said NBJ Research Manager Carla Ooyen.

In addition, NBJ’s 2009 Healthy Kids’ Market Report: Food & Beverage covers:

  • A discussion of healthy kids’ product trends for functional foods and beverages, natural foods and beverages, and organic foods and beverages
  • An analysis of issues driving entry into the U.S. children’s market
  • A review on how to navigate through regulatory and standards issues
  • A full analysis of the children and teens product and marketing trends across a variety of product categories, such as snacks, beverages, prepared foods, and many more.
  • A deep dive into the natural & organic and functional food & beverage markets for children that includes product and marketing trends across a variety of product categories

Although numerous new healthy and better-for-you products formulated for or marketed to children have debuted over the last year in the United States, NBJ research found that plenty of opportunity remains in this dynamic and recession-resilient category.

A convergence of forces—the Obama administration’s focus on children’s nutrition, the childhood obesity epidemic, parents’ growing concern over food quality and safety, and even the troubled economy—is creating a ‘sweet spot’ in the kids’ market for the U.S. nutrition industry,” said NBJ Editor Carlotta Mast. “NBJ’s research into and analysis of the U.S. healthy kids’ market will provide any company operating in, working to move into or simply evaluating this category with timely and actionable information and insights.”


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