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Six easy ways to use beets graphic
A way to help beet heart failure? 1
Beets for more efficient beating
More evidence omegas may fight Alzheimer’s
Effect seen after just three weeks
Yes, really, eat eggs
Bacon, however, is another story.
D during pregnancy may lower kids’ allergy risk
Could a daily glass of milk mean a lifetime without Allegra?
Chocolate during pregnancy may help fetus
A daily dose of chocolate may help developing fetuses, according to a small new study.
Raw milk may help kids fight asthma
Children who drink unpasteurized milk are less likely to develop asthma than kids who drink processed milk, according to new research.
Fiber early could help fight cancer later
How much fiber women ate as teens may be linked to a lower risk of developing breast cancer later in life, according to new research.
Probiotic sports drinks on the way
Mighty microbes hit the field.
The next bug to hit Latin America (and Asia)
Experts forecast strong sales for probiotics in Asia and Latin America in the future.
Coffee might not make your heart race
Coffee didn’t kick up the frequency of irregular or accelerated heart beats in a new study, the largest of its kind.
Zinc may help boost seniors’ immunity
Zinc supplements kicked up the serum zinc levels and the immune systems of seniors in a small study.
Eat fiber, breathe better
A high fiber diet may protect lungs against disease, according to recent research.
More college wins with Frosted Flakes?
Vitamins are gr-r-r-eat!
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