Bloomingdale, IL – Capping an incredible year, NOW Foods has been honored with an award for excellence, and will be receiving Nutrition Industry Executive magazine’s Manufacturer of the Year award for 2003.

Discussing the criteria Nutrition Industry Executive used in selecting NOW as Manufacturer of the Year. Editor Paul Bubny said “We considered a variety of factors: the company's leadership position, which in the case of NOW is their developing and maintaining quality control standards, the depth and breadth of its product line, and its reputation in the industry. Other aspects such as the company's "open house" for retailers and Elwood Richard's advocacy on behalf of the industry, were also pluses. But another important reason is that without anyone on our staff having consulted with each other beforehand, NOW turned out to be on most of our individual short-lists.”

NOW Foods is a favorite among readers of Vitamin Retailer magazine, a sister publication of Nutrition Industry Executive. NOW Foods received the highest number of “Vity” Awards this year from VR’s survey of retailers’ most popular products.

Additionally, the company has this year received awards from the 10 & 10 Club, the Green Cross safety award, and Nutrition Business Journal’s Environment & Sustainability award. The company was also a nominee for the Socially Responsible Business Awards.

NOW founder and president Elwood Richard stated “We are honored to be selected as Manufacturer of the Year. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire staff.”

NOW® Foods ( is a family owned and operated natural products manufacturer/distributor with a 35-year legacy of providing high quality nutritional supplements at affordable prices. The A-rated GMP certified facility boasts state of the art manufacturing capabilities. NOW employs one of the finest teams of product quality experts in the supplements industry. They conduct specialized tests, analyses and inspections that allow the company to offer superior products that surpass every possible independent test. The Richard's family pledge is "underlying NOW's commitment to quality is our commitment to you - to provide the best products available at a reasonable price and, thereby, play a meaningful role in the quality and extension of human life."

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