Colloides Naturels International (CNI) has announced the additional regulatory approvals for their Fibregum™ product line of all natural, soluble dietary fiber based on Acacia gum. Health Canada has recognized the Fibregum™ brand of Acacia gum as a dietary fiber source in Canada. Furthermore, Health Canada has approved the classification of Fibregum™ as “traditional dietary fiber” and not a “novel fiber.” Health Canada has clearly said they have “no objection” to the sale of Fibregum™ Acacia gum as dietary fiber for labelling purposes in Canada.

This positive regulatory decision contributes to the growing regulatory acceptance of Fibregum™ Acacia gum worldwide. In today’s marketplace, there is a strong consumer preference for ingredients that have been both naturally sourced and naturally processed. Fibregum™ meets those criteria and is specifically selected from sustainable sources to guarantee a minimum of 90% soluble fiber. It should be noted that Health Canada specifically stated that any type of “modified Acacia gum” or Acacia Gum derived from other species would not be considered as an acceptable dietary fiber source for use in Canada.

Health Canada has stated “no objection” to the use of Fibregum™ Acacia gum as a dietary fiber source in confectionery (20-50% use level), grain-based bars (4-20% use level) and also for use in extruded products, bakery products, beverages, dairy products, and meal substitutes (1-6% use level).

Fibregum™ Acacia gum is globally used in a large variety of food applications. As a soluble fiber, Fibregum™ can provide multiple health benefits in functional foods & beverages.

About CNI and Acacia Gum

CNI – Colloïdes Naturels International, operating in more than 75 countries, is the world leader in gum acacia. CNI, a pri-vate French company, was organized in 1895 and has been run independently by four successive generations. Thanks to a continuous presence in Africa for over 115 years and strong partnerships in gum producing countries, CNI has become an expert in gum acacia at all levels: raw material sourcing, supply assurance, quality and traceability. CNI has a rich his-tory of hydrocolloid innovation for over 100 years and continues to build on their reputation for exceeding industry and consumer expectations, by focusing on development of the nutritional aspects of gum acacia as a soluble fiber source with their Fibregum™ product line. CNI is dedicated to driving innovation through their interactive collaboration with customers and continues to explore broader applications for their specialty hydrocolloid products.

CNI relies on L V Lomas since 2004 as a partner in Canada.

Acacia gum (Gum Arabic) is traditionally used for many food applications including emulsifications, stabilization, film-forming and encapsulation in a variety of processed food, especially in the confectionery and beverage flavor emulsion segments. Also, Acacia gum is an important ingredient in pharmaceutical and selected industrial applications.

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