Cleanser? Check. Toner? Check. Moisturizer? Check. There you have it—the complete skin care regimen. Right? Actually, there's something missing here, and it's missing from many of your customers' routines: the facial mask.

Facial masks provide deep nourishment to the skin, so why do so many people neglect this pampering product? Because it takes time—most masks need to remain on the skin for about 15 minutes, notes Joni Keim, technical director of Natural Resource Group, the parent company of Beauty Without Cruelty based in Petaluma, Calif. "Not many people are looking for ways to add time to their skin-care routine," she says, but she points out that with a little effort and education, retailers can

And the benefits are many. Masks can be used to moisturize, detoxify, increase circulation and replenish nutrients. But above all, they add an extra dimension to the skin-care routine, and they are truly pampering. "It's something [people] can do at home that will give them the effect they would get at a spa," says Joshua Onysko, CEO and founder of Pangea Organics in Boulder, Colo. "It's a treat for them—something a little bit out of the ordinary."

The first step in helping your customers choose the correct mask is to identify their skin type and find something that will work for them. "You want a mask that is going to fill the needs of your skin, so obviously someone with acne doesn't need a hydrating mask because they already have too much oil," advises Linda Upton, president of Börlind of Germany, with U.S. headquarters in New London, N.H. "Figure out what dimension of care [your customer's] skin still needs, and find a mask that's designed to meet that need."

The following roundup of facial masks is broken down by skin type to help retailers navigate the latest offerings.

Mature skin
Börlind LL Vital Cream Mask. This rich cream mask replenishes nutrients and oils in dehydrated skin as it supports cell renewal and improves circulation. This is a great mask for people with broken capillaries—it contains menthol, camphor and rosemary to stimulate blood flow and prevent circulatory congestion.

Zia Natural 15 Minute Face Lift. This mask is designed to give mature skin a pick-me-up. Cornstarch, wheat protein and silk powder firm the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance for up to 10 hours, the company says.

Dry skin
Beauty Without Cruelty Hydrating Mask. The natural humectants in this rich cream mask draw moisture to the skin and hold it there. Emollients like sunflower and jojoba oils condition the skin, and gentle herbs like German chamomile and lavender rejuvenate and nourish. This mask is mild enough to be used daily, according to Keim.

MyChelle Fruit Fiesta Peel."A peel is a mask that will dissolve and digest dead skin cells while accelerating exfoliation," explains MyChelle's founder Myra Eby. This peel uses alpha and beta hydroxy and fruit enzymes to remove dead skin cells; the antioxidants and vitamins then nourish the skin.

Combination skin
Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn and Cucumber with Ester C Moisturizing Mask. Formulated for combination skin, the botanicals in this mask were chosen because they won't dry out the skin or clog pores. Oatmeal and ground walnuts and almonds gently exfoliate and moisturize.

Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask. Made with a blend of botanicals grown using biodynamic methods on the company's own farm, this mask is designed to maintain the natural balance of the skin.