PureCircle Alpha

Product Benefit Statement

PureCircle Alpha is used as a natural sweetener for food and beverage products. It is ideal for 50% to 100% calorie reduction. Alpha has the additional benefit of carrying the Stevia PureCircle® trust mark on product packaging. PureCircle controls the entire supply chain for the production of PureCircle Alpha, from leaf to sweetener. And we follow a completely natural, non-chemical process of extraction and purification; beginning with the extraction of the sweetness from the leaf with water. PureCircle Alpha meets JECFA, Codex, FDA and EFSA regulations and is approved in all markets following these specifications.

Product Description

PureCircle Alpha is a proprietary 100% natural, no calorie combination of high purity steviol glycosides found within the stevia leaf. Reb A accounts for over 75% of the final composition and all PureCircle steviol glycosides are held to tight specifications to ensure consistent quality. PureCircle Alpha is 250 times sweeter than sugar and is ideal for manufacturers seeking a taste profile similar to sucrose and for 50% to 100% calorie reduction. PureCircle Alpha is similar to the taste profile of sucrose and maintains its great taste profile beyond 50% calorie reduction levels in any food or beverage application. It has reduced bitterness in more formulations and a more rounded sweetness compared to other existing stevia ingredients. PureCircle Alpha has a high solubility and is heat and pH stable making it suitable for diverse applications and cooking. It is especially suited for dairy applications. PureCircle Alpha is ideal for zero to low calorie products and is safe for diabetics and tooth friendly.

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Natural vs. Synthetic Statement
PureCircle Alpha is manufactured from Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract, using only natural ingredients. The water extraction and purification processes are natural, physical processes that do not include any chemical modification or chemical processing of
Intellectual Property
Patent Pending
>95% Steviol Glycoside combination containing over 75% Reb A
Purity Level %
>95% Steviol Glycosides
Quality Comment
Meeting JECFA, FDA and EFSA purity specifications and highest quality standards through PureCircle
Dairy products, drinks, flavored syrups, teas, bakery items, confections, dressings and sauces, table top sweeteners

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