National Enzyme Co. has been in business for nearly eight decades, and the company’s BioCore line is the culmination of all that experience and research, Harrison says. The newest entrant to that line, BioCore AR, capitalizes on the $10 billion annual antacid market. “It’s like a Tums plus,” Harrison says. “It takes the concept of Tums or Rolaids and supplements it with the enzymes the body needs to further digestion.”

BioCore AR is a chewable tablet that combines calcium carbonate with a protease, lipase and carbohydrase enzyme blend. The calcium carbonate fights heartburn by reducing gastric acid, but also raises the pH, which prevents the digestive system from breaking down proteins and some fats. Bio Core AR’s enzymes function over a wide range of pH levels, Harrison says, and compensate for the enzymatic activity lost through acid neutralization. In-house in vitro studies verify the effectiveness of the enzymes when combined with calcium carbonate, she says.