The BioCell Collagen II® found in Reserveage Organics’ Collagen Booster has recently been used in its first human skin study demonstrating the safety and efficacy in improving a variety of aging-associated facial effects, including wrinkles and hydration.

Collagen Booster is an award-winning product from Reserveage, the leading manufacturer of Resveratrol-based health supplements. To encourage collagen production, the formula is infused with BioCell Collagen II, a triad of real collagen protein, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate.

The trial investigated the effects of BioCell Collagen II on diverse factors relevant to aged appearance of facial skin. These factors included wrinkles, dryness, deep lines and collagen content. As a result of the ingredient’s mechanisms that promote a younger-looking appearance with a higher collagen content, reduced wrinkle counts and shallower line depth, a majority of the study participants experienced a significant improvement in skin texture and skin hydration.

“This study on skin aging has proven that BioCell Collagen II is an essential ‘beauty from within’ ingredient that promotes healthy skin aging,” said Naomi Whittel, founder and CEO of Reserveage. “Since the study was not a topical study, it demonstrates that BioCell Collagen II is a powerful nutricosmetic that increases collagen, reduces wrinkles and hydrates skin from the inside-out.”

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