On April 22, Idaho-based supplement manufacturer Thorne Research announced a joint venture with Integrated Health Resources to develop a health and wellness web portal. The site, to be called Health Elements, will provide medical information, Thorne products and resources for integrative clinicians. Health Elements also provides practitioner training and management tools, as well as details on wellness programs, designed to foster greater patient adherence to supplement regimens. Patients are also provided resources on disease management information and wellness education.

Thorne, a hypoallergenic manufacturer that sells exclusively through healthcare practitioners and pharmacies, was sold by its founder and longtime-CEO Al Czap to biotech company Diversified Natural Products (DNP) in June 2010.The new management team includes CEO Paul Jacobson, former CEO of DNP; COO Tom McKenna, formerly of Bristol-Myers Squibb; Will McCamy, founder and president of Xymogen, Thorne’s new president and head of sales and marketing; and Dr. Robert Rountree, industry expert, who is the company’s chief medical officer.