This is the drill: Dr. Oz touts a certain food or supplement or recommends a particular product on “The Dr. Oz Show” and, almost immediately, shoppers flock to natural products stores in search of it. Cases in point, when the celebrity doc told viewers about a study that found arsenic in nonorganic apple juice, grocers across the nation saw organic apple juice sales spike. When Oz called astaxanthin "the next vitamin D" on air, customers clamored for the carotenoid. Rarely does one person’s words impact consumer buying patterns so strongly, but in the case of Dr. Mehmet Oz, his recommendations move markets.

"The Dr. Oz effect," as it’s been coined, impacts every rung of the ladder, from ingredients suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to brokers. But perhaps the most—and most frequently—affected are natural products retailers, who interface with droves of Oz apostles daily.

“From regular customers to new, crossover customers, they seem to come in for one Dr. Oz–recommended product or another daily,” said Joel Patterson, owner of Nature’s Green Grocer in Peterborough, N.H.

Stacy Gangestad, merchandising manager of Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville, Minn., also sees shoppers flock to her stores in search of supplements, foodstuffs and personal care products that Oz applauds on a daily basis.