It's the kind of phone call every natural product manufacturer dreams of—the day when Dr. Oz producers say they want your product on the The Dr. Oz Show. Beanitos got this call earlier this month. There was only one problem: The episode was set to air in five days!

After a mailing snafu, where the product almost missed the show's deadline, the episode aired on May 16. Beanitos' website promptly crashed from the sudden influx of Web traffic, even though the company attempted to boost their Web servers prior to the show. But no matter—the company reported its highest order day ever in its two-year history.

The episode re-aired yesterday and this time Beanitos was prepared. The website saw a 310 percent increase in visitors, while Beanitos' Facebook page saw a 410 percent increase in visitors. All those visitors translated into sales: "We've seen average weekly orders more than double since announcing the Dr. Oz feature," said CEO Doug Foreman.

Watch our Skype interview with Foreman below, including a clip of the show, to get an insider's view of what it's like to be on Dr. Oz.

How did Beanitos land this coveted spot on Dr. Oz? Well, it took two years of pitching, but the product was a natural fit for the show because Oz and Beanitos have something in common. And it's this commonality that can make the difference for whether or not your product ends up on air.

"Dr. Oz does a great job educating folks about smart food choices," said Lexie Murray, public relations director for Beanitos. "We make a better-for-you natural chip. So I knew there was going to be synergy because we have a similar mission."

Beanitos could have been featured in a segment about healthier snack or a better-for-you Super Bowl party—and this is what Murray pitched—but ultimately the show producers chose to feature the product as an alternative to protein bars when dieting.

When pitching, rather than thinking about themes or seasonality, share the story of your product, what makes you stand out and why your mission matches Oz's. And then be prepared to play by the rules once you get the heads up to be on the show.