When it comes to meaningless eco-claims, the term sustainable may soon join the ranks of natural, green and Earth smart. I’m completely fed up with companies prancing around with puffed chests and a sustainable label because they employ one, maybe two, Earth-friendly initiatives.

Take, for example, Monsanto. Did you know the genetically modified seed giant considers itself “the sustainable company”? Monsanto’s website states: “Sustainable agriculture is at the core of Monsanto … By 2030, we will do our part by: producing more, conserving more, improving lives.”

Aside from the fact that 2030 is a long way away, improving lives seems a bit of a stretch for a company associated with hundreds of suicides in India after farmers couldn’t turn a profit growing Monsanto cotton. Then there are the many Monsanto challengers who’ve lost their livelihoods after being legislatively bullied. When it comes to being green, Monsanto was identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a “potentially responsible party” for at least 56 toxic U.S. sites, and has been sued numerous times for damaging the health of employees and residents through pollution and poisoning.

Monsanto hid its polluting ways for decades, and now we’re supposed to believe that with this new commitment toward sustainability, it’s not hiding anything from us? That’s a pretty big GM-corn bite to swallow.