Perhaps one of the biggest consumer-health concerns is immune health, especially given the recent food-contamination scares. A recent study from the Nestlé research centre in Switzerland investigated the immune-modulating properties of a prebiotic mix of inulin and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and protection against salmonella infection.1

Mice were supplemented with either FOS/inulin (FI) or a control diet for one week before given a suboptimal vaccination against salmonella. Then, four weeks after the inoculation, mice were infected with the salmonella virus. There was an enhanced immune response in the FI group when compared to placebo, as well as an improved survival rate for those infected with salmonella. The authors concluded, "Overall, the data suggest that a diet supplemented with FOS/inulin mix stimulates mucosal immunity and seems to improve efficacy of an oral vaccine."