What are the market trends, regulatory landscape and latest innovations with carotenoids? Want to know the rundown of the latest launches on both the ingredient and finished-product side?  Find out in our Engredea Monograph: Carotenoids report, which includes a forecast for where we're headed in the coming years. Plus, industry insiders speak up about the challenges and opportunities with these diverse and prolific vitamins.

In this comprehensive report:

  • Get an in-depth look at the latest news, innovations and market trends.
  • Analyze market demographics, the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and the most innovative ingredients in the industry.
  • Learn the science behind carotenoids and how they work.
  • Join the international market march toward natural colorants with carotenoids leading the way.
  • Keep an eye on the newest ingredients and products on the market.
  • Look ahead at which ingredients will be game-changers in the next year.


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Engredea MonographThe Engredea Monograph (EM) is a comprehensive monthly report filled with exclusive content including insightful market data, science, business intelligence and in-depth coverage on a new ingredient (or ingredient category), central to driving R&D and innovation. Whether you're looking to make strategic business decisions or deciding the best form and format for your product launch, the EM provides you with the navigation you need to get there.