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Japan MonographNBJ/Engredea Monograph: An exporter’s guide to the Japanese market
Learn about the 17 claims allowed for vitamins and minerals; market analysis in the supplements, functional foods and beverages sectors; intellectual property protection; and product/ingredient trends, led, as ever, by skin care.
NBJ/Engredea Monograph: The FEAR ReportNBJ/Engredea Monograph: The FEAR Report

In This Report:
A. The Legislative Landscape: A Primer 2
1. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA)
2. The Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act (AERs)
3. Good Manufacturing Practices
4. Food Safety Modernization Act 3
5. GMOs
10. Consolidation
a. Top 5 Deals of 2012-13
b. Chart: NBJ’s Top 10 Deals of 2012-13
9. California’s Prop 65
8. GMOs

NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Sweeteners 2013 EditionNBJ/Engredea Monograph: Sweeteners 2013 Edition

When it comes to eating, consumers have a choice. They can fight 15 million years of human evolution and turn up their nose at desert. Or they can just admit it: Human beings are wired to like sweet. The quest to find the perfect sweetening solution for convenient, healthy but affordable food products marches on.

What is changing in the sweetener market and what does it mean in the bottom line? Nutritive versus high-intensity sweeteners? Is Stevia still in the game?

NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Omega-3s 2014 EditionNBJ/Engredea Monograph: Omega-3s 2014-15 Edition
For the first time ever – or at least since the market began revving up at the turn of the millennium – the omega-3 market is experiencing a decline. This comes after a decade where every ingredient supplier worth its salt was adding an omega-3 ingredient to its portfolio and every food developer was finding ways to increase the omega-3 content of their products.
NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Polyphenols

Recent research advances into expanded health benefits of polyphenols offer opportunity in this growing market. Suppliers, manufacturers and marketers must be willing to invest/partner with leading research institutions to help spur additional product development. While the long-term outlook appears promising for this class of antioxidants, which includes popular ingredients like reseveratrol, curcumin, cocoa, hops, quercetin, grape seed, and olive extract, the bulk of the research and product development for a long time has targeted the anti-aging market.

NBJ/Engredea Monograph: IndiaNBJ/Engredea Monograph: India
Let NBJ and Engredea help guide you through the complex and exciting Indian nutrition market. Nutrition Business Journal and Engredea are proud to announce their newest edition to the monograph series: An Exporter’s Guide for the Nutraceuticals Market in India. Gain a better understanding of the regulatory setbacks, distribution challenges, and consumer trends in this fast-moving market.
NBJ/Engredea Monograph: ProbioticsNBJ/Engredea Monograph: Probiotics

The latest NBJ/Engredea Monograph, Probiotics 2013, explores the evolving probiotics ingredient category – new science, shifting regulatory landscape, encapsulation advances, notable food and beverage launches, new players in an expanding market, and our much-ballyhooed top forecasts for the year ahead. Will nano-sized beadlet molecules make probiotics less costly? Are spore-forming strains taking over the food world? How important are prebiotics? What does 2012 research show about new health conditions probiotics can address?

NBJ/Engredea Monograph: ProteinNBJ/Engredea Monograph: Protein
The latest NBJ/Engredea Monograph, Protein Futures 2013, explores the role of protein in the market from its traditional focus on sports performance to new science and health applications. We explore market valuation and projections, consumer awareness and drivers of growth from consumers to scientific development. What is replacing animal-based proteins in the market? Are they cheaper? Healthier? How will they contribute to the strong growth of new protein supplement introductions?
NBJ/Engredea Monograph: FibersNBJ/Engredea Monograph: Fibers
Since the 2005 Dietary Guidelines, fiber has gained cache as the go-to ingredient in mainstream and natural products product launches. Consumers get it, and thanks to supplier R&D innovations, manufacturers are able to seamlessly integrate fiber into everything from soup to nuts.
NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Exporters guide to the US marketNBJ/Engredea Monograph: Exporters guide to the US market
The American market for dietary supplements and functional beverages and foods are second-to-none and represent every company’s holy grail for global market success. But finding success here is not as easy as meets the eye. From a tightening regulatory climate to shifting socioeconomic drivers and the nuances of intellectual property protection and variegated sales and distribution channels, the U.S. market is as vexing as it is pregnant with possibility.
NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Ingredient Market Forecast EditionNBJ/Engredea Monograph: Ingredient Market Forecast Edition
This is the definitive look at the road ahead — around the bend and over the horizon. This nutritional ingredients industry report gives a sharp look at current trends, emerging movements and macro forces shaping the industry.
NBJ/Engredea Monograph: Omega-3s 2012 EditionNBJ/Engredea Monograph: Omega-3s 2012 Edition
Of all ingredients in the dietary supplements and functional foods pantheon, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids occupy a niche at the very top. The ingredient has unrivaled backing in the form of scientific studies backing its benefits in cardiovascular health, in fighting inflammation and in infant nutrition.

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