As an old-school cardiologist’s kid who has written about health from the “alternative” Mecca of Boulder, Colo. for 15 years, I’ve come to believe the best medicine is a blend of complementary and conventional, built on a foundation of good science. I write about new research, treatments, natural products, and regulations, and how they impact industry and the Regular Joe. Off the clock, I run marathons, raise chickens, and enjoy my four amazing kids.

Posts by Lisa Marshall

in New Hope 360 Blog Oct 11, 2011

JAMA studies bring up tough questions for dietary supplement researchers

The Journal of the American Medical Association questions saw palmetto and vitamin E supplementation for men....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Jun 28, 2011

Go see 'Bag It' and bring your kids

If you have not already seen the "Bag It" movie find a screening in your area (or better yet, host one) and watch it with your kids. It should be....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Jun 01, 2011

Sweet relief in GE sugar-beet ruling

The U.S. Department of Agriculture must complete an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) before permanently allowing commercial use of genetically-....More
in New Hope 360 Blog May 24, 2011

Give tofu a chance

Has tofu gone the way of Birkenstocks, Tie-dye and Patchouli? If sales figures told the whole story, one might assume dark days lie ahead for the....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Apr 20, 2011

Consumer lessons from the realm of neuromarketing

Want to know why Baby Boomers prefer to go positive, why a product's smell is important to new moms, or why women respond to storytelling but not so....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Apr 01, 2011

Dr. Greene wants moms and dads to stop with the white cereal

Could parents, by blindly following a decades-old feeding tradition, risk setting their kids up for a lifetime of unhealthy cravings?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Mar 18, 2011

A call to arms on GMOs

If we don’t stop GMOs now, organic farmers—threatened by contamination of seeds—could ultimately lose their ability to provide consumers with THE....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Mar 14, 2011

A world of consumers exists beyond the Whole Foods market

"The Future of Wellness" ethnographic study delivers an important insight for the natural, organic and healthy products industry: The vast majority....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Feb 24, 2011

Without teeth, how will the Food Safety Modernization Act make our food safer?

The Food Safety Modernization Act could have a sweeping impact on the way the often reckless industrial food production machine behaves. But will it?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Feb 10, 2011

A new era of transparency for consumers

Despite occasional troubling headlines, enormous strides are being taken to make the story behind products more transparent to consumers....More

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