Jody Mason

Conference Manager, New Hope Natural Media

Jody Mason is the Conference Manager for Natural Products Expo West and Natural Products Expo East.

Posts by Jody Mason

in New Hope 360 Blog Feb 28, 2013

What to consider before hiring a retail dietitian

Here are nine questions to consider when determining if a registered dietitian is right for your natural store....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Feb 14, 2013

3 ways to make anti-Valentine's Day shoppers love your store

It's common to set up a romantic Valentine's Day display, but what about creating a space for shoppers-against-Valentine's-Day?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Feb 08, 2013

8 ways retailers can support vegan shoppers

Even if the majority of your customers aren't eating plant-based, you may be overlooking a powerful consumer network that relies on each other to....More
How do you define 'natural?'
in New Hope 360 Blog Jan 31, 2013

How do you define 'natural?'

We're listening, and we want to know how you and your customers define 'natural.'....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Jan 17, 2013

Should you pay bloggers to review natural products?

Is it ethical (and does it make good business sense) to pay bloggers, especially mommy bloggers, to review your natural products?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Jan 10, 2013

'Father Foragers' join moms as coveted marketing targets

Could the holy grail of advertising to women and moms be shifting more toward their male counterparts?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Dec 20, 2012

When to put a 'dietary seat belt' on high-nutrient foods

We all know sugar and saturated fat can lead to chronic illness, but what if the healthy foods you're eating are doing harm as well?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Dec 13, 2012

Vitaminwater varieties in Britain (not U.S.) cut sugar, add vitamins

Food companies claim their swift action in foreign countries is a response to consumer demand for cleaner food and labeling, rather than government....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Dec 06, 2012

Mayor Cory Booker challenges himself to eat like America's 15 percent

Mayor Cory Booker has challenged himself and others to spend less than $30 on food for the entire week, the approximate equivalent of SNAP funds per....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Nov 21, 2012

I'm not sad to see the Twinkie go

American's are freaking out over the pending Twinkie extinction. But are we really sad to see this lackluster treat go?....More

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