Hank is the Senior Editor of Functional Ingredients magazine and Engredea. Before coming to New Hope, Hank was the Internet Editor at the late Rocky Mountain News newspaper in Denver. He blogs on regulatory affairs and other things that pique his interest.

Posts by Hank Schultz

in New Hope 360 Blog Jul 16, 2012

North Carolina's new claim to fame? Medicinal plants

The former COO of Gaia Herbs is leading a research and business development collaboration in North Carolina to leverage the state's abundant....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Jul 02, 2012

More from IFT: Erythritol helps boost blood vessel health

A session at the Institute of Food Technologists show in Las Vegas laid out ways in which the alternative sweetener erythritol helps promote the....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Jun 25, 2012

Gut health, inflammation hold greatest promise for polyphenols

Focusing on inflammation and gut health might clarify the picture for polyphenolic ingredients. The issue has been muddied with marketers claiming....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Jun 04, 2012

Supply issues loom over omega-3s category

The increased demand for omega-3s puts fish oil supplies under increasing pressure, creating opportunity for other players. Aside from algae and....More
in New Hope 360 Blog May 29, 2012

Nutrition companies should look to China for growth

Despite a recent slowing of its economy, the Chinese middle class is growing faster than anywhere else on Earth and these consumers look to the U.S....More
in New Hope 360 Blog May 14, 2012

The best weight loss ingredient is free

There are several weight management ingredients that can help consumers maintain a healthy weight. But are ingredients the answer to weight loss?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog May 07, 2012

Keep eating your carrots despite beta-carotene study

A recent study found some molecules that arise from beta-carotene might actually block Vitamin A and that too much beta-carotene might be a bad thing....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Apr 30, 2012

Can genetic modification of food ever be beneficial?

The proliferation of GMO ingredients has ignited a fierce public debate. While there are many legitimate concerns about genetic engineering in our....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Apr 23, 2012

Starbucks opts for tomatoes over red dye from bugs

Starbucks has moved to take insect-derived red dye out of some of its drinks and plans to replace it with a tomato derivative. The move apparently....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Apr 06, 2012

California's GMO petition is a danger to industry

Regardless of how you feel about GMOs, California's ballot initiative is bad idea. An enforcement provision buried within the law would bring a....More

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