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Organic skin care brand Pangea bets on ethical business


Organic skin care brand Pangea has decided to pull out of the Chinese market because of animal-testing requirements. The result? Consumer trust, PETA's Courage in Commerce Award and a new standard for doing business the right way.

Organic skin care brand Pangea bets on ethical business Don’t you just love it when a company (or anyone, really) keeps its promise? Because let’s face it, that’s not always the easiest thing to do when it comes to making business decisions that can affect your bottom line. However, it seems that more and more companies are starting to realize that doing good business translates to profitable business. The reason: Trust and respect go a long way as consumers become increasingly conscious of their purchases and retailers want to stock only products from do-good brands they can support. 

Enter: My props of the week, which go to natural and organic cosmetics manufacturer (and fellow Boulder, Colo. local) Pangea, which announced a few days ago that it was pulling out of the Chinese market because it requires—I repeat requires—animal testing for cosmetics, which includes practices like dripping products into rabbits’ eyes and force-feeding mice cosmetic ingredients.

As a result of this decision, Pangea not only keeps its place on PETA’s list of cruelty-free companies but also has earned PETA’s Courage in Commerce Award.

"Pangea Organics' brave decision illustrates how truly ethical companies will forgo profits rather than paying for animal testing anywhere in the world," said PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk in a press release.

Building better business with transparent practices

Considerable backlash and increased awareness is prompting China to consider changes to its policies. However, companies that make their own decisions to affect change (in addition to Pangea, Urban Decay and Paul Mitchell recently pulled out of that market) will undoubtedly have an edge over those that have not taken action, including Estee Lauder and Mary Kay.

Such actions or lack thereof are increasingly being made public with shopping tools that reveal what's really behind the products and brands consumers purchase regularly. Case in point: PETA's Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide, which lists companies that follow cruelty-free practices and hooks shoppers up with coupons and additional info to help support these brands.

Pangea has built much of its reputation on its strong values, such as supporting sustainability and committing to organic. Last year, Pangea went the extra mile by earning organic certification, both from the USDA and NSF, for its entire line of products. No easy task.   

Only time will tell how business decisions like these will impact Pangea’s profits. But I’m almost willing to pinky swear that the results will be promising. 


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on Feb 26, 2013

If Pangea was already in the Chinese market, this meant that their products have ALREADY been tested on animals. I'm shocked and disappointed to read that Peta awarded them their Courage in Commerce Award and to read this spotlight on Newhope360. We should be congratulating and awarding the personal care companies that have NEVER entered the Chinese market. They seem to be the only honest ones...

Lucas (not verified)
on Mar 1, 2013

hahaha.... Ireane, you are right !

Barbara (not verified)
on Mar 26, 2013

I'm loving Neal's Yard Rememdies, now selling in the US as NYR Organics. They are the REAL DEAL in purity, cerified organic and even are able to use the Fair Trade logo, due to their ethics and standards in dealing with international suppliers and tribal communities. Never will do business in China, due to the animal testing standard (even their cosmetic brushes are synthetic - not animal bristles!) Love the way the products work and heal my skin and hair!

on Mar 27, 2013

It is good to go organic and manufacture whole line of organic products that will not harm human being in any way. But the important point is that we should also think of the animals that get affected in the testing process. I think we must use some methods that will not involve animals while testing.

baby steal

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