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Infographic: The cost of a plastic bag

Now the cost of a bag in Boulder is 10 cents, not a lot, but perhaps enough to offset some of the price we pay when we bag away.

Recently, our little bubble of a natural, eco-obsessed town became even more so when we decided to bag... bags. Boulder, Colo. instituted a bag tax July 1st in an effort to alter shopper behavior.

Paper & plastic

It worked on me. I'm all for stuffing my purse/pockets with purchased goods and piling products so high that I'm risking some serious cleanup at checkoutall just to avoid stuffing another bag into my bag of bags. But, when faced with the impossible, I'd been known to occasionally breakdown.

Not anymore! As if I didn't feel enough of my own self-generated guilt, reaching back into my wallet for a dime proved just the thing that would take my pile to the next level on principle. (Yes, I also have a bag full of reusable bags... but who remembers to bring those?)

Though not everyone agrees, there are two upsides, as I see it:

  • Less waste
  • More resuable bag sales for retailers (so be sure to brand those babies!)   

Now the cost of a bag in Boulder is 10 cents, not a lot, but perhaps enough to offset some of the price we pay when we bag away.

Infographic: The cost of a plastic bag

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on Aug 28, 2013

In India bags are typically not included with purchase.

on Aug 28, 2013

For years several grocery stores have offered "bag credit" if you brought your own. Several years ago Natural Grocer started a BYOB (bring your own bag) policy in stores. Each Earth Day they offer a free bag with a purchase and sales throughout the year of their reuseable bags. I've collected several and keep them in my vehicle. I use them at all stores! I also make cloth bags and give them as gifts or sell for fundraising to assist my animal rescue work.
When I went back east in 2009 to help a sister, I was surprised at the reaction of store clerks when I pulled out my own bags. They all thought it was a great idea and I suggested they move to make it a policy at their business locations.
It's not hard to change habits with the right guidance.

on Jan 6, 2016

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