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European food and beverage industry needs investment, innovation
Encouraging innovation, improving access to financing are critical to future competitiveness for the European food and beverage industry.
European Parliament urged to reject health claims list
Lobbyists are calling for Parliament to reject the 222 health claims that will form the basis of an EU general list of approved structure-function claims, effectively banning 2000+ rejected claims.
Sales starting to roll in for Fruitflow ingredient
Fruitflow, a circulation-health ingredient that is marketed under a DSM-Provexis partnership, is starting to find its way into consumer products.
Multivitamin supplement boosts fertility, study says 1
A study have found that a branded multivitamin supplement sold in the UK boosted pregnancy rates among women using fertility treatments.
Organic ketchup is richer in antioxidants, research shows
Ketchup made from organic tomatoes contains a higher level of polyphenols, according to a recent study, reopening the debate over whether organic farming techniques yield foods that are more healthful.
Europe faces its own NDI-like debacle
The functional ingredients industry is running out of time to block implementation of the EU’s Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation.
EU Commission frustrates innovation
Industry leaders have urged the European Commission to do more to encourage investment in R&D in Europe’s food and beverage industry.
Experts say women still aren't getting enough folate
One in two women of childbearing age isn't taking a folate supplement as recommended by her doctor. Are we putting our babies at risk?
EU health claims: unanswered questions

In the fall, the European Commission published its draft list of permitted health claims, marking a significant step towards implementation—at last—of the EU’s Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation.

Once the list has been adopted into law, expected to be in the spring, the industry will have a transition period of six months to withdraw any claims not contained within it. It’s no exaggeration to say this will represent a revolution in the European market for functional ingredients.

But there are some unanswered questions.

UK kids caught up in vitamin D deficiency crisis
UK kids aren't getting enough vitamin D. Will food manufacturers rise to the challenge?
Sweden's Probi teams up with industry heavyweight for EFSA claim bid
In an effort to build up its arsenal of clinical research, the European probiotics manufacturer, Probi, strikes a critical partnership.
Will Europe ban general health claims such as 'antioxidant?'
Food supplement trade association urges the European Commission not to ban general health claims like "energy, anti-aging properties, and digestive function." Will they listen?
Health claims in Europe: the row that refuses to go away
European Commission issues draft Article 13.1 list for consultation.
Researchers find probiotic strain that 'treats' IBD
A new probiotic strain exhibits critical characteristics that promise positive results for IBD sufferers.
Omega-3 supplier harnesses power of waste fats
It’s a given that factories use lots of energy and produce lots of waste in the manufacturing process, but using the waste to power the machine? Now that’s green innovation.
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