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Joysa has been reporting on the healthy foods and dietary supplements industry for more than a decade. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism and has a master's degree in Hebrew Letters.

10 funky new ways you'll one day get your omega-3s
From squid to chlorella to GMO soybeans, the sea is no longer the limit to harvesting ALA, DHA and even SDA. Got some (EPA-rich) beef, anyone?
But what about the other odd omegas? 2
How are omega-7s and omega-9s different from omega-3s?
Lawsuits Target “Protein Spiking”

Adulteration is rampant in the protein market. And after years in the dark, consumers and lawyers are calling manufacturers out in class-action lawsuits that could be just the start of an industry shakeout.

U.S., Japan lead glucosamine sales
Demand expected to grow at CAGR of 14% from 2014-2020.
Top 12 omega-3 products making news today
In this survey of products currently on the marketplace, we note omega-3 foods and beverages making the news – for good reasons and bad – due to their ingredient panel, advertising claims or unique formulation approaches.
Sustainability Summit To Make Its Premiere in Sao Paolo 
Even multinationals like Coca-Cola are getting in on the game of making its packaging more eco-friendly.
Top 10 omega-3 studies of 2013
The tide turned on omega-3s this year, thanks to a way-controversial study concluding fish oil causes prostate cancer. Wait - what? Then how come Japan and Med Diet countries have the lowest incidence of prostate? File under: hatchet job.
One supplement company's journey to earning a GMO-free label 18
It would be ideal if more raw material suppliers would submit their ingredients for Non-GMO Product Verification directly.
Who wouldn't want GMO labeling in the U.S.? 8
Food Democracy Now!, a grassroots movement of more than 650,000 farmers and citizens, is fighting the Grocery Manufacturers Association for transparency of GMO labeling laws in the U.S.
Supplement Labeling Act reintroduced in Senate 4
GAO report found from 2008-2011, 6,307 AERs were reported ― a mere fraction of the millions of supplements consumed.
MenaquinGold®WS opens vitamin K2 into new product formats: milks, yoghurts, stick packs
With the new water-soluble format, the company expects to see K2 to begin appearing in ready-to-drink fortified beverages with rich calcium content, such as dairy and dairy alternative products – milk, soy milks and rice milks. Yogurts are also good candidates.
New vitamin K2 ingredient totally stable in water
Published studies have shown that higher vitamin K2 intake is associated with lowered cardiovascular mortality, lowered risk of cancers and even lowered risk of diabetes.
Study shows iron reduction benefits cardio health  8
Prior to menopause, women have much lower levels of heart attack than men. But after menopause, women's heart attack risk more closely approximates men's.
PowderPure embraces whole-food color and flavor
One of PowderPure's star products is a Brazilian-sourced, organic acerola powder with a naturally occurring vitamin C content of at least 25% in every batch.
Arginine silicate targets sports, cardio, men's health
Research has shown significant protective effects of the novel amino acid compound arginine silicate in an animal model of metabolic syndrome, with treatment reversing impaired function of the coronary arteries.
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