David A. Mark, PhD

David A.
Mark, PhD
Heart health ingredient winners and losers 1
Combating cardiovascular disease has been one of the most successful medical and public health interventions of the last 50 years. The spillover to functional food ingredients and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) represents some of this industry's greatest successes, and a few inglorious failures.
New human trials on resveratrol misleading
Hype for resveratrol starts with the oft-mentioned theory that it’s the polyphenol responsible for the “French paradox” health benefit of red wine.
Polyphenols go beyond antioxidants
Resveratol, green tea, cocoa and other plant sources may not function like vitamins C and E, but they do
The lowdown on ORAC values and polyphenols
Any claims for “my ORAC is bigger than your ORAC” need to take into account exactly what ORAC methods were used for the products being compared.
Polyphenols - beyond antioxidants 1
David A Mark, PhD, shows how these powerful molecules have effects in the body that go far beyond a simple antioxidant
When I'm 64 what will you feed me?
The great degenerative downward decline is on many people's minds nowadays. Can dietary supplements and functional
Natural brain boosters
A few star ingredients are making news in cognitive health.
If I only had a brain (enhancer)
Dementia in the US is projected to at least double by 2030, barring effective prevention and/or treatment. David Mark,
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